A "one-off" painting by tutor Pam.

2017 Exhibition

Below are some images from our 6th exhibition in 2017 in Alvechurch.

Please note: Images of paintings may not be reproduced or used without the artists permission.

Scroll down to see images of artist Chris Wheatley producing a pastel picture.



The entrants for the Georgian picture competition

Viewing the Georgian paintings - for more pictures of these go to the exhibitions page here.

The winning three paintings

As last year there were demonstrations of art...


Chris Wheatley gave a demo of using pastels:

Putting the basic shapes in...and what's that "post" on the right?

Adding reflections in the water and what looks like purple clouds or mountains in the background...and the "post" looks more like a dead tree!

But then the purple bits become distant trees...

...and the "dead tree" grows branches as another tree takes shape on the left hand side...

But then as the picture is completed it becomes obvious that both trees are very much alive!

And Di Morgan demonstrated using oils with a painting of the Malvern Hills.