Our exhibitions

Since 2012 we have held an exhibition every year in the summer in Alvechurch Village Hall. Our intention is to continue that in the future. Our exhibitions feature in the main art work completed during the previous 12 months by artists in the three groups and also includes some exercises to show how different people produce different works of art even though the subject may be the same. Many of the pictures are for sale and there is usually an area for art produced in previous years that is also for sale. Entry to exhibitions is free and refreshments are available at very reasonable prices.

***Our exhibitions are held every July from Thursday to Saturday - open from 10-6 on Thursday & Friday and 10-5 on Saturday***

***Our next exhibition will be on July 25th to 27th 2019***

Our first exhibition in 2012, wasn't "themed" as such but included a very large piece of work that most of the artists contributed to. Pam took an existing well known painting and divided it up into 15 small squares and each artist was randomly given a square and a specific sized piece of paper and asked to copy the picture they had. Because the original is an abstract work none of us knew what the final picture should, or would look like and we couldn't even always identify what we were painting. We were allowed to use whatever medium we wanted as long as we tried to stick closely to the colours. At the opening of the exhibition Pam unveiled the final work after all the squares had been put together to reveal a fascinating result. You can see the result opposite. For more pictures from the 2012 exhibition click here

Our second exhibition, in 2013, again featured works from that year, but this time had a theme of "Summer" with the artists given the challenge of producing a piece of work that represented "Summer". They were shown together, with the centre piece being a fun full sized picture produced by Pam, that was typical having fun at seaside resorts during summer holidays. It can be seen left with two of the artists having fun! For more pictures from our 2013 exhibition click here

For our third exhibition in 2014, we decided to make the theme "Country" - meaning anything to do with any country round the world - and again artists were challenged to come up with something to represent the theme - and those results were displayed together. For pictures from our 2014 exhibition click here. We also had a second, but much smaller exhibition of a few paintings at a dinner in Hopwood Village Hall to celebrate the 100th anniversary of that building on November 28th. Click here for pictures.
In advance of our 4th exhibition, in 2015, Pam challenged the artists to come up with a picture based on the theme of "Optical Illusions". Whilst some of the artists chose to use well known optical illusions and create their own versions, others tried to produce something from their own heads. The combination of the two styles made for some interesting comments from visitors. Some of the Optical Illusions can be seen here. For other pictures from the 2015 exhibition click here.


David Hockney style paintings were on display at our 5th exhibition in 2016, as part of a competition set up by Kamal Khan and his fellow director at nearby Grosvenor House Nursing Home. The competition, to produce large canvases in the style of David Hockney, was an idea by one of the home's residents who is a fan of the artist.

There were 11 paintings submitted (right) and the winner was Jackie Lee. Picture above shows (l to r) Alison Hendrix with her entry (which was short listed), Jackie with her winning painting, MP Sajid Javid, who presented the prizes, Chris Wheatley with her painting (runner up), Kamal Khan, Clive Lee and Kamal's fellow director, Munawar Sandhu. For more pictures of our 2016 exhibition and for pictures of artist Chris Wheatley creating a pastel picture from scratch on the Friday of the event, click here

Kamal Khan again challenged the artists in advance of the 2017 annual exhibition with a competition to produce paintings in a Georgian style to reflect one of his nursing homes, Tutnall House near Bromsgrove, that is a Georgian premises. The entrants are shown opposite and the winners below. The painting in the centre of the picture on the right was created by art tutor, Pam, as an example but not for competition. For more pictures from the 2017 exhibition, click here.

Our 2018 exhibition was another display of over 100 pictures created during the previous 12 months and again Kamal Khan challenged the artists, this time to produce paintings to reflect the style of the Impressionists, such as Monet, OR Leonardo da Vinci, OR work to represent the influential composer Mozart, using musical instruments within the picture. The entries for the competition are shown opposite.


To see more pictures from the exhibition click here.