Pam's Art Classes

***Our exhibitions are held on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday every July, opening 10-6 on Thursday & Friday and 10-5 on Saturday***

***Our next exhibition will be in July 25th to 27th 2019***

To see pictures from our 2018 exhibition, click here

Pam 's art classes are held in Alvechurch and Droitwich in Worcestershire during normal "term time" and are open (when there are spaces!) to anyone with any degree of skill or knowledge about art - the main criteria being a willingness and eagerness to learn and try out new things!

This website has been set up to allow the artists to show their work to a wider audience than possible with an annual exhibition, usually in Alvechurch in July, and to allow anyone interested in purchasing a genuine original piece of art. None of the works of art are very expensive and buying local artists' work is a great way of encouraging budding artists (of all ages!) whilst acquiring a genuine original that, who knows, one day might become valuable!

If you would like to purchase any of the works of art shown on this site please contact the artist directly using the information provided. Each artist is responsible for their own transactions - some will take Paypal, others will need either a cheque or cash. Please note that no piece of art will be released until the cheque or paypal transaction is cleared/completed. Costs of packaging and any postage are in addition to the price shown and are negotiable depending upon the destination.

New artists and pictures will be added as the website expands.

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